Home in 5 program is a sweet deal for people on a budget wanting to buy a home in todays market- It is grant money you do NOT have to pay back and you do NOT have to jump through hoops to get it. You have to attend a simple homebuyer education class ONLINE- Although you can get up to 3% to use for either down payment or closing costs your going to have to come up with 1% - Still cheaper then move in cost for a rental. Not many mortgage pros do these deals cause there is alot less money in it for them. Call your mortgage broker and see if they do the Home in 5, if not call me at 602-920-2201 and Ill hook you up with the right person. Here the deal- This money is available for FHA, VA, and USDA lenders. You must have a 640 minimum FICO - You DO NOT have to be a first time home buyer- Like I mentioned in the video your total out of pocket costs are going to be around 2k for a 200k home- Ill negotiate the the price, and the closing costs, and provide the moving costs (up to 8 hours-ask me about my FREE MOVE program) for homes 80k to 250k.  For deals over 250k you get the FREE moving service and FREE Home Warranty. For purchases over 275k you get the FREE MOVE SERVICE, FREE HOME WARRANTY  and HOME INSPECTION  The lender asks for 45 days to close but we have been doing them in 30-40  https://youtu.be/unpL-_kfpWE